Hand holding CMS Freedom Coin

CMS Freedom Coin 

“Embrace the freedom you deserve with CMS Freedom Coin. Designed for a new digital era, our crypto coin enables you to purchase without limitations, oversight, or restrictions. Developed with your freedom in mind, CMS Freedom coin combines safety and security, ensuring a seamless and empowering experience. Let CMS give you the liberty to transact as you wish, backed by a currency that puts your needs first. Choose CMS Freedom Coin and step into a world of unrestricted financial possibilities”

By: Corporate Merchant Solutions


CMS Freedom Business Solution

“Introducing CMS Freedom Business Solution the revolutionary payment and e-commerce platform powered by Solana’s Web-3 technology. Our advanced solution revolutionizes both online and in-store transactions, offering lightning-fast payment settlements in milliseconds. Thanks to the low gas costs enabled by Proof of History and Proof of Stake mechanisms, CMS elevates blockchain efficiency to unprecedented levels. Forget the delays—minutes or even days waiting for payment processing are a thing of the past. With CMS, embrace a true merchant-friendly solution, ideal for B2B and I2B applications. Join the CMS revolution today and propel your business to new heights.”

“The CMS solution is a currency developed for set of payment standards and protocols that enable individuals and merchants to directly accept digital currency at the point of sale, with instant settlement and virtually no cost. This is a truly decentralized payment system.

What may be a new and different space to you is a territory CMS has been charting for over a decade.   You can trust the CMS Digital Assets team to meet your personal and business goals.  CMS’s combination of experience, innovation, and relentless determination to build a safe and stable currency in this new digital world.  In this limitless digital currency world, trust can be your most valuable token.  Spend it wisely!”