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Learn about our patent pending Cash Discount Retirement Program™.

Discover how every time your customer pays with a credit card, they are funding your retirement.

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Eliminate your processing fees Forever
No more fees taken out of my account in the beginning of the month.
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Why do I like my Cash Discount Retirement Program™?

No more ridiculous credit card processing fees taken out of my business checking account at the beginning of the month. I only pay a flat $5.00 a month.

Zero cost to get started. I received my free credit card POS terminal to accept credit and debit cards in my business.

Corporate Merchant Solutions industry expert business advisors made it simple and easy to switch.

Most importantly, the peace of mind my CDRP – Cash Discount Retirement Program™ gives me.  Knowing every time a customer pays with a credit/debit card I am funding my own retirement.


Cash Discount Retirement Program

How Does CMS Cash Discount Retirement Program™ Work?

A cash discount program is a way for the merchant to offset their current merchant service fees. If the customer pays in cash they will receive a cash discount. If they use their credit or debit card they will be charged the noncash price.


When you go to a gas station many times you will see a cash price and a Credit/noncash price.

If the customer uses their credit or debit card they pay the noncash price.

The merchant receives the next day the cash price in their business account. The difference between the noncash price and the cash price is kept by the processing company to cover all of the merchant services fees.

The fees that the merchant was paying before can now be put into the * Flexible Wealth Account™.

The funds in the *Flexible Wealth Account™ can be redirected into a tax-favorable retirement Plan. These tax-favored plans over time can build up to a large sum of money for the merchants' retirement.

GAS Cash Discount
Cash Discount Signage
Example of the POS Receipts


Cash Discount Program Receipt


Credit Receipt

Getting started is easy

Whether you’re new to credit card processing or looking to switch processors, our team of industry expert business advisors will set you up with the solutions that best fit your business.

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